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Codes & Standards

« Ethics are in the heart of our decisions »

MGS Logistics Code of Conduct sets down principles and values to which the Group commits at a national and international level. This Code of Conduct is intended to provide standards of professional conduct within the Group and to facilitate their implementation by establishing rules in key areas.

Employees must at all times obide by the following principles and guidelines. Actions should always be guided by the following basic principles :

Avoid any action or behavior that could jeopardize the reputation of MGS group or pose a risk to it Act in a legal and honest manner

Download the CODE OF CONDUCT

One of the most valuable assets of our company, is it’s reputation. Therefore we need to apply the highest standards of ethics to all our actions and relationships and to act in an exemplary manner.

We are committed to conducting our business with the highest degree of integrity and in full compliance with the rules of law.

This Code is applicable both to employees and managers everywhere we operate. We also expect all suppliers, contractors, agents, consultants and other personnel acting on our behalf to be bound by the principles of the Code.

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