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Project Management and Heavy lifts

Design and implementation of turn-key project solutions

Each project is unique and requires analysis, design and implementation of a competitive and innovative logistics solutions. MGS Logistics successful handled projects in several industries relies on our highly qualified team of experts, in-depth transport expertise and long experience in project management.

Our know how and experience in the Maghreb region gives us the ability to provide a safe, effective and timely completion of MGS’s Projects.


We transform our customers needs from ideas to tangible reality by offering support and coordination and by delivering a value added services on every project we manage

Heavy and oversized Transport

The delivery of heavy and oversized cargos is always a complex and challenging scoop of work.

it usually requires a technical and engineered study, a particular route, a solid knowledge of adequate means of transportation and special conditions of circulation, including road modifications.

MGS Logistics experts are able to complete an exhaustive analysis to provide firm estimates for the transportation options, cost and timeline to arrange and report on all transport matters from supplier’s door to project’s site. Regardless the scope and size of your project, we have the resources and the experience it takes to guarantee a safe and efficient transport solutions.

MGS Logistics is able to plan, manage and deliver innovative and competitive solutions for complex lifting and transport challenges.

Transport engineering & Consulting Services

Transport engineering is a major component of our activities. As a Multi-activity logistics player with a combination of our highly qualified team know-how and our in-depth sector knowledge, MGS Logistics management consulting services focus on our clients most critical issues across all industries to bring deep, functional expertise, more creative logistics solutions and clear insights into how to achieve a successful logistics project.

Our Engineering Consultant are engaged to find solutions to specific issues, to identify the impact of new transport and logistics trends and regulations and to ensure that our customers have access to deeper levels of expertise. Our Experts will help you design, implement and operate efficient logistics solutions that need to be completed for a smooth and safe delivery of your investment from EX Factory to the final jobsite.

MGS Logistics provides the engineering design by the application of technology and scientific principles to the planning, operation and management of facilities in order to provide a safe, convenient and environmental projects management.

Route surveys and feasibility studies

Our customer can focus on the key elements of their core business, while we investigate the feasibility studies and surveys.

Moving your equipments on the Tunisian, Algerian and Libyan routes will be achieved with confidence as our experts will provide the feasibility studies, design the best route for your convoy by taking into account the roads constraints and providing the most effective route.

Our Know-how goes beyond a simple study, we intervene at a more critical time when planning your project.

Marine survey and cargo inspection

Cargo quantity, quality and handling are all brought under our scrutiny. In addition to supporting the regulatory compliance through our assessments, reports and certificates, we manage cargo information and documentation. We ensure that all operations are run to best practice standards and that cargo is handled with due care:

Our survey and inspection includes:

  • Pre-shipment supervision
  • Onsite supervision
  • Cleaning, lashing and securing items and tallying before shipment
  • Determination of the fitness and aptitude of ship’s holds and all means of transport
  • Lashing and securing supervision inside ship’s holds as per international standards
  • The on / off hire survey
  • The damage survey to ascertain cause and extent of damage occurs to cargo during land transportation, loading and unloading operations.